Jack Smith Funeral in Republic Kansas

Nick Levendofsky posted this on Facebook and agreed to let it be shared here. He says:
When someone from Republic (Kansas) or the surrounding area passes away, an old cigar box with their name and funeral information on it is placed on the counter at Rip City Inn Cafe'. This way the locals can sign their names and leave a memorial donation. 

Eric's Vacation Note

Ginger Lewman's husband, Eric Luby, wrote this note for their recent vacation. Seems like good advice.


Taken at the Big Monster Garage Sale in Hutchinson, Kansas in 2016.

Grandma Becker's Sunshine Rolls

Sarah McKinnon posted this on Facebook with the following info:

Did some baking today. My sweet mother in law's recipe. Sunshine rolls! Every time I bake these I miss her so much. Love you mom.
Photos used here with her gracious permission.

Geometrical and Beautiful

Andrew Watt posted this with the following explanation:

"A page from a geometry codex I'm writing. In all, it will be about 50 pages long, containing around 110 proofs or processes for drawing angles, forming squares, triangles, pentagons and other polygons, and generally making geometrical beauty."

I love that his handwriting is also geometrical and beautiful!

Read his blog at https://andrewbwatt.com/