Great Grandmother's Canning Jar

Lori Blaine found this in a box. It had a note inside from her grandmother saying that the canning jar was one that belonged to her great-grandmother.

I asked for a close up of the contents and she was kind enough to oblige. Thanks, Lori!

The Facebook Wall at Facebook

Mike Beauchamp took this photo of The Facebook Wall at Facebook Headquarters. There's something I love about this old-fashioned wall at the place that has made the digital wall part of our every day lives. Thanks for sharing, Mike!

Vin Scully Note

Joan Barrett shared these on Facebook with the following information. She was kind enough to give permission for me to share the handwriting. Love this!

"My hubby had the privilege to work with one of the best for 12 years. Jeff loved working with Vin - said he was always a class act and treated everyone like they mattered. I wrote (yes a letter) to Vin and asked him for an autographed pic for Jeff after they were done working together. Of course, he complied and wrote a very sweet, personal note to Jeff that I won't share. But, here's the photo and autograph. We could certainly use more like Vin in our industry."