Baby Girl Note

Harold Howie G George posted this on Facebook 5/25/2016. It is from his daughter, who he affectionately calls, "BabyGirl." He said:

"After a really crappy day at work, I come out to my car and find this note. It made me smile from ear to ear! THX BabyGirl!!"

Thanks to Howie for letting us share! And thanks to his daughter for using real handwriting to convey a message!

Thank you

Home Remedies in a Civil War Veteran's Journal

Found in a journal kept by a Reno County Civil War veteran. The journal is full of recipes for home remedies.

Olivia's Story About Deb

Olivia was asked to write a story about one of her favorite people. I think we all want to be friends with Deb Gruver after reading this story. She is obviously one very cool chick!

Fun Aunt

Reigner Swede, 8 years old, wrote this list that included #5 about his aunt, Jessica Lucas.
By way of full disclosure, I should say that I know his aunt and his assessment is accurate!

National Orphan Train Complex

On display at the National Orphan Train Complex in Concordia, Kansas. This is a record of a woman surrendering her daughter because her second husband won't provide for the child.

Autographed Banjo

Bob Colladay shared this photo of his autographed banjo.

Eight Year Old Birthday Letter

Mary Lou Nutterfield provided these. Her mother-in-law saved them. Mary Lou's husband wrote this to his uncle as his birthday was approaching.

He did follow up with a thank you note, although it was a bit shorter.

Poem Journal

Cheryl Unruh posted this poem. Her friend, Marcia, gave her this a hand-crafted journal for Cheryl's birthday and Cheryl is making it a poetry journal for the year!