Letter from 1928 Found in Stone Wall at Kansas State University

The KSHPO - Kansas State Historic Preservation Office posted this on Facebook today (1-28-2016) and graciously agreed to let me post it here. Thanks to Garrett Wilson for the notice and the photo. It's a great story...
One of the masons currently working on Kansas State University's Memorial Stadium found this letter inside an old tobacco can after removing a stone on the stadium's east side. It was turned over to the school.

Written February 2, 1928, it reads:
"Dear Folks, Will place a not[e] in wall as it may some day be found and perhaps the men that Built it will be dead and forgotten. We are having nice weather was 18 above zero this morning. Hope when this is opened things will be better for the working man than [now?]. Mason got $10 per day and labor $3.20 there will have to be a change soon or the labor will be out of luck. Please print this if found signed
CK Bell, Geo H Bell, W. Sorwell, Jim Kelley, Ray [Disney?] Good luck." 

Buildings are built by real people for real people; we love these little reminders!