Santa and Baby Boo

Betty Zeka wrote this in 1965 when she was in first grade. She says it's a jewel she is happy to have. She says, "Makes me a little emotional looking at it. My parents had nine children and always made sure Santa got us what we requested. We were, and still are, blessed."

Indeed, the jolly old elf did bring her a Baby Boo, which she says she loved!

Forget Me Not Tattoo

Chandler Roberson got this to honor his grandmother, who is suffering from alzheimers.

High School Diary from 1937

The children of Loretta Anderhalter shared this. It's a page from their mother's High School Diary. She graduated in 1937. Thanks to Roy Beckemeyer and his sisters for sharing. He can be contacted at

Snickerdoodle Recipe

Mary Lee Warner posted this on Facebook, with the comment below. I love the fact that these recipes were handwritten and saved all these years.

My Aunt Bee was a fabulous cook, and she also loved to bake. I don't have her expertise, but I *do* have her old recipes. The two pictured were favorites that don't look as hard as most of hers, so I may try my hand. At the very least I might get that fragrance wafting through the house I so remember from my youth.