Journal page in Chinese from Iowa

A journal page from Hogback Bridge in Winterset, Iowa. It's the town where "Bridges of Madison County" was filmed. Hogback is just one of the bridges. The walls are covered with grafitti and this journal chronicles many of the people who have passed through. 

Sister Anthony Marie Note

Betty Zeka shared this wonderful note. She says, "A couple of days ago I opened a box of of my school stuff, from 1st grade through college. I found this treasure that I don't even remember reading, from when I went to St. Anthony school in Wellington (Kansas). It's ironic because just a few weeks ago I mentioned to my mom that Sister Anthony Marie was one of my favorite teachers the two years I got to attend the school, 5th & 6th grades."

Karilea Rilling Jungel's Recipe Book

Karilea Rilling Jungel started this home recipes book in 1969, just before marriage in 1970. She says, "My handwriting changes over the years, as well as recipes. The book is wearing, but it is over 45 years old.

Baby Book

Most parents can relate to this baby book entry.

Barbara Skinner shared this baby book she found while packing for a move. She says, "Good news is our second daughter did have a baby book! It's pretty much filled out for the first 6-10 months too. The book says Our Baby's First Seven Years on the front. After that, there is this half-hearted entry about teeth..."

Seek Knowledge

The children of Loretta Anderhalter shared this. It's a page from their mother's High School Diary. She graduated in 1937. Thanks to Roy Beckemeyer and his sisters for sharing. He can be contacted at