Cinnamon Roll Recipe

This was written by Hilda Eibert and shared by her daughter, Barbara Skinner. This recipe was a variation on a recipe from Ethel Eibert, Hilda's mother. As of today, five generations have been making cinnamon rolls!

Boat Notes

Leland Nutterfield made these notes in 1968 about his boat. 

Mader's in Milwaukee

This sign was on the sidewalk outside Mader's in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you get a chance, go there and have the sauerbraten. It is amazing!

Leonard Nimoy Autograph

Leonard Nimoy's recent passing has touched fans everywhere.

Greg Holmes posted this on Facebook with the following remembrance. It is used here with his permission.

I met Leonard Nimoy a few times over the years and even got to have a brief conversation with him about photography when he was on a book tour, but my favorite memento is from an occasion at which I was not present. My uncle Lynn, aunt Ruth and cousins David and Gary got this signed still for me in the early 1970s. David, Gary and I were in that early wave of trekkies that formed when Star Trek went into syndication. It was a better world than the one in which we actually lived - and still is, I suppose. But we'll get there.