Christmas card from Eva Mae Myatt Waldrop to her sister Mary Lea Myatt Terrell

This was a Christmas card sent to my mom, Mary Lea (Myatt) Terrell by her sister, Eva Mae (Myatt) Pace Waldrop. My mom didn't save the envelope so I don't know when it was sent, but Eva died in December of 1997 so sometime before that. 

Aunt Eva wrote letters back and forth to me when I was a kid, and really instilled in me my love of the written word. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

This card has a 47 on the back of it so I'm assuming it was printed in 1947. I'm just slightly concerned about the boy's expression, but I'm assuming that was considered charming at the time!

Tea Cake Recipe from Clara May Snider

Clara's son, Wayne Dean, shared this page of her handwritten recipes. There are four recipes - two on each side - all in her handwriting. I love that they're all well-used with stains and splatters. It is a treasure.