Smallville Specials Board

Smallville Specials board at Metropolitan Coffee in June 2013 when Hutchinson, Kansas was Smallville for a day.

White House Press Pass

I was issued this White House Press Pass when President Obama spoke in Joplin after the May 2011 tornado.

K-State Coach Bill Snyder Sends Handwritten Note to Player on Another Team

Photo from Jace Amaro's tweet at

K-State Coach Bill Snyder wrote a note to an injured player at Texas Tech. As the NBC story says, "Consider this something that wouldn’t have had the same effect over E-mail or text message."

Apparently this isn't Coach Snyder's first such note.

Jace Amaro tweeted a photo of the note, which I've downloaded in case it disappears. But here's a link to the tweet:

You can read the NBC Story about it here.