Hand-lettered Sign at Harvest Cafe in Inman Kansas

The Harvest Cafe in Inman, Kansas, offers good home-cooked food. It's a treat to go there and I'm fortunate enough to live just a 15 minute drive away. One of the things I always love is that it's truly a family affair. I'm guessing this sign was made by one of the owners' children. I just love, love, love this. 

Postcard to Ed Bakis at Sterling College in Kansas, postmarked 1958

I bought this postcard at a flea market. I live about 30 minutes from the town of Sterling, Kansas, and this was addressed to Ed Bakis at the college there and postmarked in 1958.

I didn't recognize the language and put a bit of it into an online translator. Apparently it is Estonian. I bought another card at the same time also addressed to Ed Bakis, and also written in the same language.

The story remains a mystery to me, but I'm glad to have this little bit of handwriting preserved here.

Chinese Hand Calligraphy

These beautiful examples of Chinese Hand Calligraphy are compliments of Karen Albright Lin. Visit her website at: http://www.karenalbrightlin.com.